Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 15 ~ Soul Coaching

I can't believe it's already day 15 of this wonderful journey.

I've just returned from being away for a few days but took my Soul Coaching with me and read through days 11 to 14 and did a couple of activities.

Now, I'm back into it full swing and it's the beginning of fire week.

This is described in the book as;

"Time to awake up the spirit. To do this, move your body. All the submerged emotional baggage that got stirred up in Water Week can now shift out of your energy field with the powerful activation of fire.

This is the week of spiritual purification, facing fears, releasing anger, and taking action."

"This is also the week that many breakthroughs occur. This is also the time to begin to change old, limiting patterns and habits. Routines and habits can lock you into repeating negative cycles in life.

One of the most important ways to change your self is with action. We often hesitate to take actions because of fear - fear of success, fear of failure, or even deep subconscious fears."

Today's level 1 activity is about acknowledging fears so they have less power.

I'm afraid of;

* people laughing at me (lack of confidence)

* swimming in the ocean or in water where I can't see the bottom (imagination gets better of me!)

* noises in the night (imagination at work again)

* large birds!

I can't think of any more fears.

After repeating days' affirmation "I am safe", I definitely feel safer!


Anonymous said...

Working through your fears are a great way to get past them. I'm happy that you now know that fear can only have power if we give it power.

I'm very excited for you!

Kristen said...

Welcome Back, Ali :)

Linn is correct, movement is a wonderful vehicle for working through our emotions and truly tuning into our spirit's fire :)

Fear is a biggie for all us to overcome, I think. But, truly the only way to overcome fear is to act through and beyond it, while seeing it for what it is (imaginative anticipation). You are doing great, Ali, and your steady work and willingness to the work is a true inspiration :)

I send love your way,

Ali said...

Tabby & Kristen ~ thank you both for your encouraging comments. I greatly appreciate your support :-)

Melissa said...

I have the swimming in the ocean one too. I don't allow it to stop me from going in though. But when I let my brain think about it, I have a mini freak out and have to swim over to my hubby. Even though I can see the bottom of a pool ~ sometimes my imagination gets the better of me there too. Perhaps we've watched "Jaws" too mnay times. ;)

Fears are sometimes good though - they keep us safe. I guess it's just a matter of being conscious about their role: are they keeping us aware and safe OR are they stopping us from living a full life? Balance, always balance.

Maybe the noises at night can be helped by a plan of action...I'm guessing you're thinking something similar to what I'd be thinking if I heard a noise at night: Is there someone in the house, trying to get in the house???? I have conquered this by making every entrance into my home I know, there is NO WAY, save shattering a window (which I would definitely hear), into this house without me knowing. As far as monsters and ghosts go (sometimes I get freaked out because we watch a lot of scary movies and Ghost Hunters on SciFi channel)....I just remind myself that it either isn't real or can't hurt me.

I have a 17 year old daughter, so I've had lots of practice with things that go bump, click, and boo in the night. ;) Hubby and I are always telling her, "There is no way someone can get in here and if they tried, they'd be making a lot of noise so we'd have plenty of time to react." We've probably let her watch too many scary movies too. Last year we went to see a scary movie. The three of us went around the house double locking windows, checking closets, showers, and under beds. Silly, but it made us feel better.

I applaud your recognition of these fears and for your courage to live fully with them, through them, in-spite of them.


ps: This is a long comment. I had no idea I had this much to say about fears.

jennlui said...

welcome back!!! i hope you enjoyed your little adventure away!!!

ooohhh fire week!!! i can't wait to start soul coaching myself, but i've decided to wait after jamie's book group... i want to give each book my undivided attention. but it's so perfect that fire comes to burn away old habits after water stirs everything up.

we share two fears in common ali, fear of swimming in water that we can't see the bottom and noises in the night... attributed to my exaggerated sense of imagination of course!!! ha ha ha!!! oh well, it serves me good most of the times!!! hee hee!!!

take good care

Brandi said...

yeah, I get worried about what people think of me too. And it's really brave to admit that-I think often, we dont' want to admit our fears in 'public' because we think we'll look weak or something. But I only see bravery when someone is strong enough to face their fears.

Serena said...

Welcome back, Ali! I hope you had a great time away.

Fear can be a huge hurdle to overcome but it's so empowering when we do. I am learning to trust in the Universe and follow my gut instincts instead of allowing my Ego/Shadow Self to play with my head through fear tactics.

love, light and peace,