Monday, January 12, 2009

Thankyou & Mantra Monday

Many thanks to all of you that commented on my January Dreamboard post yesterday. Reading your wonderful comments was such a joy and you all help to inspire and empower me!

I always love reading any comments left on my blog. This internet blogging community is full of you amazing people and I love how we all share and can inspire each other. Reading your blogs has become a daily tradition!

Even though it's late in the evening here I've still got time to squeeze in this week's Mantra Monday card; this fantastic idea of Jennlui's. She does her post on Monday evening Canadian time so check out her blog then to see what awesome creation she's come up with this week!

Life is Beautiful


Genie Sea said...

Life is Beautiful and so is the piece you created for today! :)

Chrisy said...

Yes it is beautiful...of course they are also some yucky parts but overall it's damn fine!

Serena said...

Yes it is! Wonderful Mantra card, Ali ~ :)

Kristen said...

Dear Ali,

Yes, Life IS Beautiful ... and I am thrilled that you are deeply feeling that beauty for yourself :)

Your card is inspiring, Ali.

Beauty Your Way,

jennlui said...

FABULOUS!!! thank you ali for this especially beautiful reminder!!!

life IS truly beautiful!!!

peace and love to you!!!

Her Speak said...

I love the boldness and the zippy citrus pallet of your card! Beautiful indeed. :)

Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

Melissa said...

Simply re-freshing. My daughter would love this....she likes clean, uncomplicated work (perhaps that's why she doesn't like my messes :). Love the writing and the colors really POP! Amazing message.

Life IS beautiful. So are YOU!


Tabby ~ Godzchyld said...

I LOVE the mantra and the card you've created!

Serena said...

Hi Ali,

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I thought I'd drop in and see how you were going with the Soul Coaching?

love, light and peace,

Brandi said...

simple. profound. true.