Friday, January 9, 2009

This Year's Motto

"Less is More"
I've never had a motto/word for the year so this is another first for me!

I've chose this saying as it relates to many aspects of my life;

* less clutter, more space ~ decluttering

* less stress, more happiness

* less tension, more relaxation

* less anger, more laughter

* less procrastination, more doing

* less doubting, more confidence

* less eating foods that hurt my stomach, more eating healthier foods

* less laziness, more exercise


Genie Sea said...

More is wonderful! May this year bring you more of everything and then some more :)

Anonymous said...

I echo Genie's sentiments. I wish you everything your heart desires.

Blessings :)

Kristen said...

Less suffering, More Life :)

You *do* deserve all you are aiming for, Ali: Keep at it! I'm cheering for you :)

In Joy,

Tori said...

I've always liked that motto. It's perfect! =)

Serena said...

LOVE your less is more attitude, Ali!

Melissa said...

Less less, More MORE! YAY!